We have our Ohlheiser Family Lore, and here is another possible Source for Our Ohlheiser Name

From 20 September 1861 to 18 May 1863, Joseph Ohlheiser served as a private in the Union Army during the Civil War. This is an account of his service

A review of Lieut. William J. Ohlheiser's service in the Spanish American war, can be seen in these excerpts from Past and Present of Adams County, Nebraska. To go to Lt. Ohlheiser's personal page, click here: William Joseph Ohlheiser

Daniel Whalen and Mary Ryan came to the United States in the 1840s, around the time of the Potato Famine... IRELAND TO MINNESOTA

Mary K. (Whelan) Mulvany and John Mulvany were early settlers of the West...Pioneers in Dakota Territory


  • John Howland Immigrant Ancestor in our Ohlheiser line, John was swept overboard during one of the several vigorous storms the Mayflower encountered during her voyage
  • Rebecca and her third husband, Nathaniel Greensmith... were accused of being witches and after being found guilty (upon their own confessions) were hanged on Gallows Hill, Hartford, Connecticut Colony. Rebecca is the second wife of Jarvis Mudge; a step-mother of Micah Mudge; the Mudges are Ohlheiser ancestors
Daniel Whelan Mary (Ryan) Whelan Anastasia (Ana) Martin Michael L. Mary Katherine (Mary) Julia Margaret (Maggie) Bedelia Elizabeth (Eliza) Daniel Hanorah (Nora) Thomas P. Rose Anne (Rosa) John Kiernan (John)
Whalen Family Portrait  
c. 1872
Daniel and Mary (Ryan/Boyan) Whelan and Familyc. 1872

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