One a Californian and One a Yankee

The following tale (now easing its way into our Tracy Family Lore) is a somewhat romanticized version of the story of how the Tracy/Ohlheiser and the Corkum/Weygand families were brought together in the Summer of 1968: He being Sean Clancy Tracy (born and raised in California); She being Lynne Helen Corkum (born and raised in New England).


When he saw her step off the plane he knew. At least that's how he tells it. But it was the sixties, didn't things just happen that way. She was the classic beauty, but wasn't aware. He was the California blonde, casual but romantic. They met, talked of life and children, surprised themselves. He took her to a burger joint and told a joke. She laughed more than politely, as milkshake clogged her nose. Three days and they knew--- or so they say. She left her heart in San Francisco when she flew home, but wrote to it often. He must have liked what he read; it wasn't long before he visited her world of dinner parties and cocktails on the East Coast. Three days later she took him up a hill in her backyard and told him to ask her. So he did. And it was good. They were blessed and married on a foggy West Coast day, but no one noticed the rain. They tell the story until it tells itself, reflects in their eyes, hands, smiles. That first day, she talked of wanting six children; he wanted none. So they compromised and ended up with three. The youngest now tells the story, and even though it's no longer the sixties, she still has faith that things just happen that way. --- by the youngest of 3 Tracys Born c.1975

This is where OUR TRACY TREE OF ANCESTRY begins... and ends, for now. The next generation has just begun.