THE PRINCIPAL PURPOSE of this project has been, and still is, to find the immigrant ancestors of our family and to make the information available for the edification of our family members. But hopefully others will find something of value here to help them with their own family research. To fulfill our purpose the focus of our research has been to follow from parent to parent the direct family lines of the grandparents of the 3 Tracys born c.1975... back to the first arriving member(s) of each of the numerous family lines to which our family is connected.

For our purposes we have defined an immigrant ancestor as the individual (the umpteenth-great-grandparent) who was the first of a family to set foot in the New World... where in the New World, now the United States and Canada, is immaterial. In each family every individual arriving for the first time who is directly related to the 3 Tracys Born c.1975 will be considered an immigrant ancestor of that family line. (A child who arrived with a parent also qualifies for our purposes.) Subsequent intra-continental migrations don't count; e.g. Some of the Loyalist families who emigrated from New England colonies to Canada had family members who returned to re-settle in the the United States in a later generation - these returning family members are not considered "Immigrant Ancestors" in either direction - though their emigration will be noted among their "Life Events." (This is also true for ancestors who initially immigrated to Canada and whose subsequent generations moved to the United states.) 

UPDATES TO THIS WEBSITE are somewhat sporadic but are made as time allows. Just as are most modern efforts in this category, this attempt to prepare a family history/genealogy is an on-going project.  New information is being added, information found to be incorrect is deleted, and old information is amended; the date of the most recent update is shown at the bottom of each page... you should check back occasionally. Undoubtedly more corrections are needed and your help is solicited. If you see an item that needs to be corrected or elaborated upon, or if you have additional information that should be included and you would like to share, please use the link at the very bottom of each page to send an eMail.

This project has been, and is, a collaborative effort drawing on the research of many people, some closely related to our family and others much more distantly so; some done recently and some done many years ago. Without their input and advice, this family history/genealogy wouldn't exist. During the collection process much happily received information that is peripheral to many of our direct family lines has been discovered and included here.

THE SITE HAS BEEN ORGANIZED into four Family Groups. Each of these groups begins with a third generation grandparent of the 3 Tracys Born c.1975; the TRACY, OHLHEISER, CORKUM or WEYGAND grandparent. Each group has sets of pages for the ancestral line of that family which will include the many known families in that group (many more families are yet to be discovered).

Clicking on, "THE FAMILIES," found near the center top of (or on the left side of) every page will drop down a menu with a link to each of the family groups; the links will take you to the main page for that family; each family will have an Introduction and additional links to other families that have married into the paternal line(s) of our families.

IN NAVIGATING THE SITE, NOTE LINKS to other pages that are highlighted in orange. Many of these supplemental pages will link back to the page from which you arrived, but in most cases your "Back" button or arrow will be needed to return you to the page you were on before. Names are obvious links, but you may note that Places are also highlighted and those links will take you to an index of the people in our database who are connected in some way to that location; and if the location has an icon next to it showing a white letter "i" inside a dark blue dot there is additional information about the location itself.

This site occasionally contains links to outside, independent websites having additional, more detailed, information about family members, places and/or events. You might want to "bookmark" the page you are on in our site before you leave it so you can to get back to it more easily later. Please note that the links to these independent websites take you to pages not owned or maintained by us. These websites may alter their pages at anytime without notice to us. So... takes no responsibility for the content of these pages or their representations. Please notify us regarding links that do not work or of your questions about these pages so we can update our pages accordingly.


  •     On each individual's page there is an orange family tree icon in front of the person's name which will pop up a four generation pedigree for that person... and a listing of their children and/or siblings. Clicking on any name within the pop-up box will take you to the person's individual page, unless they are among the still living! (see below)
  •     Right under an individual's name (or photo) on their personal page is a box showing that person's "blood" relationship to The 3 Tracys. For the direct line ancestors (but only direct line ancestors) there will be another box with a link to a Family Pedigree. The pedigree begins with the most recent grandparent of that family line and extends to the earliest known immigrant ancestor of that line, or possibly back as far as the 14th generation ancestor. That most recent grandparent's name and the name of the person from which the pedigree is accessed will appear inside a white box with the names in bold print. Clicking on any of the names in the pedigree will take you to the person's own page. (unless, again, they are among the still living!).
  •     To make it easier to follow the line of descent from the page you are on, our direct ancestor(s) listed among the children of a person will have a "Tree" icon in front of their name. Any of the children listed who have children of their own with have a "+" after their name.
  •     Holding your cursor over icons shown throughout the pages will pop-up a text name for the icon. Occasionally you will see an icon at the end of a line of text, usually a camera or a book, which will take you to an image or a copy of a document relevant to the text.

DETAILS FOR LIVING MEMBERS of our families are not included, though their names (only their names without any other details) may be incorporated in some charts and a few related pages. Those names are not highlighted and clicking on the name will not take you to any additional information about that person. If a person's date of birth is known to be 1910 or earlier, or if it is known that they married before 1928, it has been assumed the person is no longer living.


  •     Generally a person will be indexed under their surname (and married name when applicable) with both their "official" given name, and any alternate "first" or "nick" names by which they were commonly known. e.g. Claire Maxine Ohlheiser, is also listed under Claire Maxine Tracy, Maxine Ohlheiser, and Maxine Tracy
  •     An individual whose surname is unknown will be indexed by their given name under "SURNAME IS UNKNOWN" at the beginning of the index. (And by their full married name when applicable.)
  •     Individuals living before surnames came into usage are indexed by their single name under "NO SURNAME." Since these individuals lived much before the time-frame focused upon in this genealogy/family history for the descendants of our Immigrant Ancestors, they are incorporated in the indexes here only as a matter of possible interest... and because the database upon which these pages are built includes them. BUT their information has not been reviewed for its accuracy and it definitely should not be taken too seriously. The charts go back to only the 14th generation where we can be more sure of the facts.

WE HAVE TRIED TO CITE THE SOURCES of our information... and in the many places where we haven't cited a source it is because the unsourced information was added to the data base from material that had been found before the importance of citing sources was recognized. Having said that, special effort has been made to provide the sources of information pertaining to direct line ancestors. Most often these are NOT primary sources (i.e. family writings contemporary with the event; official vital and other records contemporary with the event) back beyond the third or fourth generation. Much of the information comes from secondary sources. e.g. others' published genealogies - published both on paper and on the Internet; mentions in history books; indexes; newspapers; etc. (Most of these sources would not be acceptable as "proof" by a lineage society... society memberships have never been our goal - but the standards of proof these societies require do support our goal and naturally we would prefer to use those sources whenever we can.) It must be recognized that even the “best” information available is only as reliable as the research done by its author. All of our sources have been judged for their reliability, and when there is any question it is pointed out in the entries made regarding the specific information.

Many times, for practical reasons, the family genealogist may need to at least temporarily rely on data from a source and the accuracy of that data cannot be readily verified. The data may have been compiled using less stringent criteria than is required to say with assurance that we are descendants of anyone, let alone of any number of well known historical figures so often cited. However if the source has a reliable reputation for credibility the data has been used (pending verification if possible).

Generally if a direct line family connection has been proposed without a reliable definitive source it has been included only if it can be considered reasonable within its context when looking at any better sourced information around it. Sometimes because direct evidence is lacking assumptions have been made (and there are a several of these assumptions). Each of these will be pointed out as an assumption and an effort to explain the foundation for the assumption will also be included. (Further research will be done in these cases.) Statements made with “fair certainty,” are based on the “preponderance of the evidence,” which will be circumstantial evidence.

The Internet, on the one hand, has been of tremendous help in providing access to much information that would otherwise be beyond the reach of most researchers; on the other hand, it also makes it far too easy for incorrect information to be spread. And once it is spread that incorrect information is too quickly assumed to be fact. Before using any data found on the Internet we try to find support for the data from additional, independent, sources. (Just as should be done with the information found on this website!) If we cannot find support for the data, if we have used it, we discuss its plausibility. We have quite frequently been able to use someone else's research results, both the accurate and the inaccurate, to give us leads for finding our own information.

It is hoped that eventually we will be able will show a definitive source for any information that is included for direct line ancestors.


"Circa" (c.) will mean within 5 years, plus or minus, of the date given.

Between 1582 and 1752 dual dating was generally used in England and in her colonies. Dual dating came into use during the transition from the Julian calendar ("Old Style") to the Gregorian calendar ("New Style") which changed the beginning of the year from 25 March, to 1 January. England was slow to adopt to the new "Popish" calendar (Gregory XIII being a Roman Catholic Pope with a lot of influence - outside of the British Empire) and did not make the change until the passage of the Calendar Act of 1750... so throughout the English empire 1751 began on 25 March, and ended on 31 December; 1752 began on 1 January. Another adjustment required to bring England's calendar into alignment with the Gregorian calendar, which was already being used in Europe, caused an eleven day loss in 1752... Wednesday, 2 September 1752 was followed immediately by Thursday, 14 September 1752. All dates used In this family history/genealogy, are "New Style" (NS) with a few exceptions still needing conversion. So unless a dual date is shown (e.g. 15 February 1742/43), the dates between 1582 and 1752 have been adjusted to reflect the year as it would have been in the Gregorian calendar, the calendar in use today (e.g. 15 February 1743).


Since facts cannot be copyrighted, you are welcome to copy names, dates and places... But please, just those facts. You are specifically reminded that you may not copy any of the descriptive text in any way - including by utilizing the “cut and paste” facility of your computer software - and place it in any commercial venue, particularly on Internet genealogy sites requiring paid access. For guidance regarding "Acceptable Use," please refer to the Creative Commons licensing link provided near the bottom of this page. Your adherence to the internationally accepted restrictions on the use of copyrighted works is greatly appreciated.

All of the foregoing about copyrights having been said, cross-links, i.e, a link from your website to this website's home or individual pages is encouraged... but please, let us know that you have made the link so we can arrange appropriate attribution and a link back to yours.

The following informational(not linked)icons are used throughout the Indexes and the Person Pages:

Direct Ancestor
An Immigrant Ancestor
A Founder or First Settler
Served in the Military
Provided Civic Service
Individual of Special Note