Assessment District No. 6, Minisink, Goshen Precinct, Orange Co., Province of New York, British Middle Colonies

Located in Orange County, New York, the township of Minisink was formed from parts of the Wawayanda Patent, and the Minisink Patent. The boundry between the patents ran through the township. In 1881, Minisink was bordered on the north and northeast by Wawayanda Twp., on the southeast by Warwick Twp., the west and northwest by Greenville Twp., and on the southwest by the State of New Jersey. The exact boundaries of this assessment district No. 10 in 1775, are unknown but apparently it "included a small portion of Wawayanda, with most or all of the present (1881) town of Minisink." Keeping in mind that the border between New York and New Jersey was not finally settled on until September of 1773, events (e.g. births) said to have occurred in Minisink before that date could have been said to have occurred in either province, depending upon which province the principal of the event was claiming as the source for his title to the land he was claiming as his. For example, Henry Tracy, believed to be the son of Jonathan, was born in 1769, and is variously said to have been from New York or New Jersey... another of Jonathan's sons, Jonathan Jr., was said to have been born in New Jersey in 1771. (A large tract of the Drowned Lands - an area sometimes associated with Jonathan Tracy - extends along the Walkill in the southeast of the township.)