Monument City, also referred to as Monumentville, was one of a number of "sub-divisions" or "developments" between the city of San Diego proper and the mouth of the Tia Juana River, most of which were absorbed by nearby towns as the land boom era of the 1880s subsided. Monument City was built on the U.S./Mexican border where the international boundary is today. The San Diego Weekly Bulletin reported that “the town has been laid out, buildings erected, a school started, and a post office applied for.” The United States Census of 1880 for Monumentville, San Diego County, California, had residents born in 15 American states, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Hamburg, Hanover, Mexico and Norway. Monument City/Monumentville, in spite of this auspicious start, was not even a distinct location on the 1900 U.S. Census and had apparently become a part of South San Diego, near the present day community of San Ysidro.