Cushetunk, Delaware River Valley, Westmoreland Co., Connecticut Colony, New England

Cushetunk - Cushetonk, Chushhetunk, Cushietank, and now Cohecton, Sullivan Co., New York - is located on the western (New York) side of the Delaware River, north of Port Jervis. The original settlement was made up of four towns in the Delaware River Valley, along the river between Kollikoon Creek and Lackawaxen Creek. Each "town" was about 10 miles long and technically bordered on the east by the Delaware River. Actually they were located on both sides of the river (without respect to colonial or modern state boundaries) in territory which was claimed, sometimes simultaneously, by the provinces of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, as well as the Colony of Connecticut. The earliest plantations of the settlement were made in about 1754 - 1755, by New Englanders, primarily members of the Delaware Companies from Connecticut. It wasn't until 1774 that for administrative purposes Connecticut's General Court (legislature) attached this land to their westernmost county, Litchfield, and named it Westmoreland. (Along with the lands of the Susquehannah Company located further west in the Wyoming Valley.)