Elizabeth Warriner1,2

(circa 1635 - 7 June 1684)

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Relationship9th great-grandmother of The 3 Tracys
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Some Background

Elizabeth's parentage has not been ascertained as of Oct 2017.
It has been suggested that she may be the daughter of the Springfield, Massachusetts Bay Colony pioneer William Warriner, by a second marriage of his in England. It is commonly, and reasonably, assumed that the William Warriner who was among the first comers in Springfield in 1638 was from England. His own parentage and place of birth is also unknown. But it is thought that this Springfield William Warriner is probably the same gentleman who is named between 1601 and 1614 in the church records of Canterbury, England; the husband of an Alice Warriner and the father of several children christened and buried there. His wife Alice was buried there in 1619. After 1619 there is a twenty year time-frame for which apparently no records of William's life have been found in either Old or New England. No record has been found to date of a second marriage for William in England.
If Elizabeth was indeed his daughter from a second marriage in England, she would have been born sometime between 1619 when Alice Warriner died in Canterbury and 1638 when William arrived in New England and married Joanna Scant in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1639.
However, Elizabeth is not mentioned in William's will as, based on dates of the will and her death ten years after it was drawn up, would be expected were she his daughter.
It has also been suggested that her surname may have actually been "Warner" and miss-transcribed into the records - the early records have been noted to mix the two names.
"He m. sec. w. 1664, Eliz. Warriner, perhaps d. but (unless the name should be Warner) more prob. sis. of William of Springfield..." verbatim et literatim
(Savage, Dictionary of First Settlers of New England...)

The possibility that Elizabeth was William's sister would seem to be precluded by the differences in their ages. (He was about 84 years old when she married John Strong in 1664, at an age when she would presumed to be under 30 years old.)
None of these details would eliminate the possibility of a relationship between Elizabeth and William… it is just that there has been nothing found to date that would define such a relationship.3,4 Elizabeth Warriner was also known as Warrenor.

Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildElizabeth Warriner was born circa 1635. This birth year is calculated based on the approximate age of her husband (30 years) at the time of their marriage in 1664 and assuming that they would have been fairly close in age - though it was a second marriage for John and he therefore may have been older by a few years.5,6
BrideElizabeth Warriner married John Strong Jr., son of Elder John Strong and Margery Deane, in 1664 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut. The year is presumed based on the birth of their first-born child the following year in 1665.7,8
DeceasedShe died on 7 June 1684 in Connecticut Colony, New England.8

Children with John Strong Jr.:

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