Moses Thompson

(circa 1760 - )

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Relationship5th great-grandfather of The 3 Tracys
Family Group:Ohlheiser
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Some Background

Numerous sources say that Nancy Thompson, the first wife of Oren Treat, was the daughter of Moses Thompson. One of those sources says specifically that Nancy was “the daughter of Moses Thompson whose farm was at the south-west corner of Mill & Sweet roads”.
     This Thompson farm was located in lot #36 as shown on the 1866 map of Aurora Town and as indicated in Western New York Land Transactions 1825-1835 as being the lot on which Moses and his brother Joseph Thompson had settled in 1809 or 1810; at the same time (1809) as Oren Treat and his brother Timothy settled in the area on a neighboring farm. These four gentlemen, Oren, Timothy, Moses, and Joseph were contemporaries, all born in the 1880s.
     Presumably, the first wives of any of these gentlemen would also have been their contemporaries, and most likely would have been born within ten years of their husbands.
     Local histories and family histories nearly contemporary to the time say that Moses Thompson and his wife Laura were buried in Griffin's Mills cemetery, located within the Griffin's Mills section of Aurora Town; as were Oren Treat and his wives, Nancy and Maria. The National Society, United States Daughters of 1812 has placed markers on the graves of both Moses and Oren, recognizing their service in the War of 1812.
     Moses' tombstone is carved with the date of his death, 18 September 1876, and his age, 90 years, 8 months, 18days... which would mean his birth date would have been 31 December 1785 (a date consistent with his age as recorded on several census returns). Also carved on the same tombstone is information naming Laura, his wife, and indicating she died in 1840 at the age of 48 years, from which one can infer that she was born in 1792.
     Oren's tombstone is carved with the date of his death, 23 April 1882, aged 94 years (so born 1787); also included on the stone are the dates for “wives of Oren Treat”, Nancy, died 8 December 1834, aged 39 years, from which one can infer that she was born in 1795. (His second wife, Maria, died in 1882 aged 76 years, so was born circa 1806.)
     Oren Treat and Nancy Thompson were married 18 November 1813 according to numerous sources; which would mean that Nancy was 18 years old based on the dates derived from her tombstone; and Oren was 26 years old based on information from various sources. Though Oren may have been a little older than many of his contemporaries were at their first marriages, these are reasonable ages for both Nancy and Oren to have been married.
     However, since Nancy was 18 years old when she married Oren, it means that she could not have been the daughter of Moses Thompson and his wife Laura because Moses would have been only nine years old (and Laura about 3 years old) when Nancy was born.
     Based on this evidence, Nancy Thompson who married Oren Treat and was the mother of our ancestress Abigail Treat, was more likely the sister of Moses Thompson (and his brother Joseph) rather than his daughter. Having said that, it is still possible that Nancy Thompson is the daughter of a Moses Thompson... a Moses Thompson who also had a son (and later a grandson) named Moses.
     If this sibling relationship is correct, it is also likely that Nancy was born in Massachusetts as Moses and Joseph were, according to census returns for both brothers. To date, September 2015, no evidence has been found locating these Thompsons before the brothers' arrival in Aurora in 1810 or 1811.

     For the purposes of this Family History/Genealogy, the sibling relationship is assumed, and the father of these siblings is assumed to also be named Moses... WITH the caveat that this is an assumption until evidence is found to corroborate it.

     It may be noted that Nancy's husband's brother, Izbon Treat, married Apphia Thompson who was born in 1803, the daughter of Edward and Lucinda (Putnam) Thompson of Oneida Co., New York. At first glance the theory that the brothers Oren and Izbon Treat, married sisters Nancy and Apphia Thompson, appeared promising. However, further research into the family of Edward Thompson indicates that though Edward and Lucinda had ten children, there was no Nancy among them.1,2,3,4

Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildMoses Thompson was born circa 1760. Year is estimated based on birthdates of his sons.

Children with an unknown spouse:

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