Mary C. Smith1,2,3,4

(circa 1835 - 29 December 1906)

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Mary C. Smith
1840 - c. 1895
Relationship2nd great-grandmother of The 3 Tracys
Family Group:Tracy
Trees14 Generations of Our Ancestors
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Some Background

As could be expected, finding the ancestry of a “Mary Smith,” even “Mary C. Smith,” has turned out to be elusive, especially considering the lack of any more information than an approximate year for her birth and only the names of the states where she and her parents were born... with these “facts” gleaned from census returns. Internet searches through the usual online resources have not yielded anything even remotely helpful, and the vagueness of the information in hand makes it of little help in narrowing a search to less than a rather large geographic base. (Add to that little bit of information the added complication that her surname may have been “Schmidt,” "Schmitt," or some other varient spelling.); The census returns for Mary are consistent in showing she was born in Kentucky, that her father was born in New York, and her mother in Georgia.5,6,7,8,9 Mary C. Smith was also known as Mary C. Schmidt.
     The surname "Smith" is provided by Family Tradition which also states that the name may have been "Schmidt" or "Schmitt." or... The only documentation (her daughter's marriage certificate) found to date bearing Mary's name includes only a middle initial... "C." and of course, her married name, Baugh.10,11

Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildMary C. Smith was born circa 1835, in Kentucky. See "Background" for discussion of Mary's parents, family, and the difficulties in coming to any conclusions regarding her nativity. This year for her birth is calculated from the family's census return entry in the 1860 census for Bexar Co. The entry for the Registration of her death states her age as 70 years in 1916 - so 1836. However, the 1860 Census gives her age as 30 years - so 1830; According to her entries on the 1880 Census for San Diego her age was 40 years - so 1840.12,13,14
BrideMary C. Smith married William Archer Baugh circa 1858. This date is calulated based on the birth date of their daughter, Frances Ada, who is said to be their eldest child. No record of their marriage has been located.8,15
Mother of BrideShe, as the mother of the bride, attended and acted as a witness for the wedding of Henry Tracy and Frances Ada Baugh on 24 January 1886 in First Presbyterian Church, San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California; The marriage was solemnized by H.C. Minton, Pastor, and was witnessed by Mrs. M.C. Baugh (bride's mother) and Mrs. E.R. Simonds.16,17,18
DeceasedShe died on 29 December 1906 in San Diego, San Diego Co., California. The index shows Death Place codes for both San Diego and Monterey Counties. She had been living in San Diego, but it is quite possible she was living with or visiting her daughter Florence who was living in Monterey Co. at the time of the 1900 Census.14

Children with William Archer Baugh:


Around 1865, Mary C. and William Archer Baugh emmigrated with their children Fanny, Florence and Newton from Texas, to Mexico. According to Family Lore they travelled first to New York and then by steamship from New York to Vera Cruz, Mexico. The 1880 Census indicates William's and Mary's son Irvin was born in Mexico in 1866. Voter Registrations give a general time frame for the family's return and, again according to Family Lore, Fanny Ada said they returned to the States by way of covered wagon when she was 12 years old (1871). Sons Alfred and Albert died during that trip to California. Also according to Family Lore, while they never had any encounters with any of the Indian tribes along the way, if they stopped and put their ears to the ground they could hear the hoofbeats of Indian ponies running somewhere beyond their sight.
     Veracruz, Mexico is located at approximately the middle of the Mexican coastal arc in the Gulf of' Mexico - about 2100 miles from San Diego, CA; 1400 miles from El Paso, TX, & 900 miles from San Antonio, TX. Veracruz was the start of a transcontinental trail from the east to the west for emigrants from the Eastern U.S. to California.19,20,21,22

Residences and Censuses

Mary C. Baugh and William Archer Baugh appeared on the 1860 Federal Census of San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas, enumerated 23 July 1860. William's age is given as 30 years, Mary's as 26 years, and they were born in Virginia and Kentucky, respectively. William's occupation is listed as "Farmer" and he claimed a personal estate with a value of $200. Their child Fanny was listed as living with them,
     According to family stories relayed by Fanny's daughter, Ada Tracy, Mary C. and William Archer had moved to Kentucky "from a Pennsylvania Dutch settlement." They made the move to Texas very soon after Fanny's birth in 1859.8,23
1871, Mary C. Baugh and William Archer Baugh were living in in San Diego, in San Diego Co., California. According to Family Tradition, the family arrived in California by covered wagon in 1871, when their daughter, Fanny, was 12 years old. Their children Fanny, Newton, Florence and Irvin made the trek with them.21,24
She appeared on the 1880 Federal Census of San Diego Twp., San Diego Co., California, enumerated 15 June 1880. 40 year old Mary is shown as being married though her husband William appears in the Census for Monumentville, San Diego Co., with their sons.
     Mary was born in Kentucky; her father born in New York; her mother born in Georgia. Her daughter Florence was listed as living with her. Mary's occupation is listed as "Keeping House;" and 16 year old Florence, who was born in Texas, is listed as "at Home." Florence's father was born in Virginia, and her mother in Kentucky. Kittie Bell and her two young daughters are shown as boarders at the same address.
     There could be any number of reasons that William and his wife Mary are not living in the same household at the time of the census, William on a farm with the boys and Mary in the city with their daughter Florence. (Their other daughter, Fanny Ada, was living in San Jose, California in 1880.) It should be noted that they were not living at a great distance from one another... both were in the census Supervisor's District #4, Mary in Enumeration Dist. #68 and William in Enumeration Dist. #69. While each of these 1880 Enumeration Districts covered large areas, Monumentville was only about 10 miles south of San Diego proper and on maps of the time the area was generally referred to as South San Diego.9
For sometime before 1880, Mary C. Baugh and William Archer Baugh lived apart. The last census on which each of them can be found is that of 1880, both in San Diego Co., California. On that census they are both listed as being married though they are not living together (William was in Monumentville, farming; Mary was in San Diego, running a boarding house.)
     According to Family Tradition, William left the San Diego area and went to Colorado, to the mines there, and was never heard from again. He would have apparently left Monumentville sometime after 1886 as he was registered to vote there that year.
     William and Mary may have divorced, but no record has been found... and there is no tradition in the family that they had ever divorced.25,23,26
From 1893 to 1894, Mary C. Baugh was living San Diego, San Diego Co., California, at 119 Sixteenth St.. Her children Newton and Irvin were listed as living with her. In 1893 both boys were employed by the Russ Lumber Co., Irvin as a salesman and Newton as a shipping clerk. No occupations are listed for them in 1894.27,28

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