Catherine (Kate) Roche1,2

(circa 1825 - 23 June 1902)

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Relationship3rd great-grandmother of The 3 Tracys
Family Group:Weygand
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Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildCatherine (Kate) Roche was born circa 1825, in Ireland. Calculated from her age, 34 yrs, as shown on the transcript of the 1861 census for England and Wales, Catherine would have been just 13 years old when her eldest daughter was baptised. Catherine could conceivably have been old enough to have a child at 13 years of age but it is much more likely that the transcripted age shown for her on the 1861 census is wrong. A closer review of the original microfilmed copy seems to show her age to have been 36 years, meaning she was a more likely 15 years old at her daughter's baptism. However, Kate's year of birth is uncertain as she gives inconsistent ages on census returns and other records.3,4,2
BrideCirca 1840, in Ireland, Catherine (Kate) Roche married Nicholas Fehan, son of William Fehan and Mary. This year is calculated based on the date their eldest child was baptised, 28 Feb 1841.3,5,2
DeceasedShe died on 23 June 1902 in Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. Catherine Fehan (widow of Nicholas Fehan); age given as 70 years; Catherine died of and Intracranial Hemorrhage; she and her parents (whose names were unknown) were born in Ireland.6
InterredShe was buried in Saint Francis Old Cemetery, Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts; Section 2, Lot 301.7

Children with Nicholas Fehan:

Immigrant Ancestor

In 1871, Catherine (Kate) Roche and Nicholas Fehan arrived. If this year was indeed the year they came to the U.S., it could explain the absence of a 1870 U.S. Census return for the family, as well as the lack of an 1871 Cenus return in England.
There is no direct evidence of which of their children accompanied them, but in 1900 Catherine was living with their daughter Mary and Mary's family, and Catherine and Mary said they had come to the U.S. in 1871 (so did Mary's husband John Murphy and one of their sons).
Nicholas' and Catherine's youngest daughter, Margaret, was living with them at the time of the 1880 U.S. Census (when she said she was 21 years old) and she probably came with them as well. Various years have been given for Margaret's immigration... but the Family Tradition story is that she came to the United States as a young girl. Census returns give different years for both Margaret's birth and her year of immigration - with variations of up to 4 years: the 1861 census for her whole family in England shows her to have been born in 1858, the earliest date yet found for her birth; the 1880 U.S. census indicates 1859; her own 1900 census entry shows she was born in 1862 and immigrated in 1865... but the 1862 birth date is not possible (that 1861 census in England and the 1880 census in the U.S. disprove it) so she would have been about 6 or 7 years old in 1865; her mother's (and sister Mary's) 1900 census shows they immigrated in 1871, and Margaret would have been about 12 or 13 years old; Margaret's 1910 census return shows she came to the U.S. in 1875... when she would have been about 16 or 17 years old. She might be considered a "young girl" at any of those dates, especially 1865 or 1871. Later census returns: 1920 shows 1880... about 22 years old (and that she became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1887); and 1930 shows 1884 when she was probably at least 26 years old. The last two dates would seem to disagree with the idea that she was a young girl at the time of her immigration. And she actually did marry in 1884, (according to town records) when she said she was 22 years old (but may have been 26 years old or older). The 1871 date seems the most reasonable one to be connected with the idea of her being still a "young girl"... about 12 years old... probably 13 years old.
Just to complicate things further, in 1910 Mary said she immigrated in 1870... but that would still be consistent with Margaret having been a young girl of about 11 or 12 years old when she immigrated.4,8,3

Residences and Censuses

Catherine (Kate) Feehan and Nicholas Fehan appeared on the Census Returns for England and Wales which were taken as of the night of 7 April 1861. They were living on Common Side Road, Mitcham, Surrey, England. Their family name was rendered as "Fane." The enumeration forms for this census were given to the head of each household a couple of days before the census night and the completed forms were collected the next day. If the head of the household had any problems completing the form (e.g. was illiterate) the enumerator would help as necessary. Later census returns (in the U.S.) indicate that Nicholas could read and write English which would suggest that he was able to complete the form for this census himself. So, risking the assumption that he had completed the forms himself, and that he would have clearly been aware of the data he was providing relative to ages, relationships, and places of birth, one might accept the accuracy of the information provided by this census... and it is perhaps the most accurate information, that has been provided by the family itself, available. (Keep in mind that spellings of surnames had not yet been entirely standardized in the mid 1800s and spelling often reflected a phonetic interpetation of the pronunciation, even among those considered literate.) Their children Mary, Anne, William, Catherine and Margaret were listed as living with them, and according to this census the entire family had been born in Ireland. Nicholas was working as an Agricultural Laborer, as was their 13 year old son, William. The two oldest girls, Anne, 18, and Mary Ann, 20, were employed as servants, 8 year old Catherine was listed as "Scholar," and at 3 years of age, Margaret would have been at home with her mother.3
From 1880 to 1889, Catherine (Kate) Feehan was living 111 Washington St., Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. The city directory listings during these years show the Feehan family as occupying this house during this time-frame... except for the 1883 directory which shows them at 115 Washinton St, a property they apparently owned at some point as some members of their family are shown as "Boarders" at that address in later years. The 1885 directory shows Catherine, as the widow of Nicholas who it indicates died November 4,1883, back at the 111 address. A William Fehan (her son?) was shown as a "Boarder" at the same address until after 1889. The term "Boarder" is placed in quotes because that is how the directories termed occupants who were apparently not the home owners. In the case of the Feehan family, at least, these persons were family members who no doubt contributed to the family income, but were unlikely to have been thought of as actual "Boarders."9,10,11,12
She and Nicholas Fehan appeared on the 1880 Federal Census of Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts, at 111 Washington St., enumerated 7 June 1880. Their daughter Margaret was listed as living with them. Margaret's age is given as 21 years and her birthplace is shown as England.
Additionally, a 15 year old grandson, Patrick Fehan, was shown as a member of their family. The widow Mary Ambrose and her two sons, William and John, were also part of the Fehan household, but were enumerated as a separate family. Nicholas and Mary's daughter Mary Ann Murphy and her family were living next door.8,13
From 1894 to 1902, Catherine (Kate) Feehan, according to the City Directories, was living at 117 Washington St., Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. It appears that she was the homeowner until 1897 - after that date she was shown as a "Boarder" and the 1900 census indicates that her son-in-law John Murphy owned the house. Catherine had lived on Washington Street at least since she and Nicholas owned the property at no. 111 in 1880, until her death in June of 1902.14,15,16
She appeared on the 1900 Federal Census of Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts, at 117 Washington St., enumerated 1 June 1900, living in the household of her daughter, Mary (Feehan) Murphy, and son-in-law, John. On this census Catherine gives her birthdate as January 1825 (but dates and ages were but numbers for this family and didn´t necessarily reflect actual dates and ages); she said had been married 56 years (and so would have married in 1827 - as Nicholas died in 1883 - unlikely as that was about the time she was born) but was now a widow; she had borne five children of whom four wqere living at the time of this census; she had been born in Ireland (as had Mary and John); they all immigrated to the U.S. in 1871, but Catherine had never become a naturalized citizen; she could speak English but could not read nor write it.
117 Washington Street must have been a large house, also living there with Catherine and the Murphy family of seven was the Laughlin family of nine.4

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