Claire Maxine Ohlheiser1,2

(23 May 1910 - 7 October 1999)

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Claire Maxine Ohlheiser
1910 - 1999
High School Portrait
RelationshipGrandmother of The 3 Tracys
Family Group:Ohlheiser
Trees14 Generations of Our Ancestors
Our Descent From Lt. Thomas Tracy of Norwich Connecticut
Our Ohlheiser Family Pedigree
Descent from Joseph Ohlhauser - c. 1757

Some Background

Claire Maxine Ohlheiser was also known as Maxine Tracy.
     She did not care for her given name, Claire, and everyone knew her as Maxine and except for very formal documents, she signed herself as Maxine.
     She told the story that when they were quite young her sister and older brother, Bill, knowing about her dislike were teasing her about her name and decided that they would call her Max. She told them okay, then she would call her sister Marj... and did from then on. (Apparently her sister Marjorie did not like the shortend version of her name!)
FatherWilliam Joseph Ohlheiser1 (24 Apr 1866 - 8 Apr 1925)
MotherCatherine Mulvany3 (1 Sep 1882 - 13 Oct 1957)

Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildClaire Maxine Ohlheiser was born on 23 May 1910, in Reno, Washoe Co., Nevada.4,5,1,2
ChildShe was baptized on 14 April 1917, in St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Crescent City, Del Norte Co., California. by Father Patrick Nolan.
     This Baptismal Certificate should copy information from the Church's Register, but the first name here is spelled as Clara and gives the birth day as the 25th instead of the 23rd. Both are incorrect (the rest of the information is correct) and these could be mis-readings of the original, or Father Nolan may have made the mistakes in the original record.6
BrideClaire Maxine Ohlheiser married Charlie Walter Tracy, son of Henry Tracy and Frances Ada Baugh, on 13 February 1932 in the St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church Rectory, Palo Alto, Santa Clara Co., California.
     The marriage was solemnized by the pastor of the parish, Fr. Andrew J. Carroll.
     Because Charlie was not a Catholic, theirs was considered a "mixed marriage" by the Catholic Church and because of that the marriage ceremony could not be performed in the church itself.7
WidowShe became a widow at 77 years of age when Charlie, her husband of 55 years, died on 15 July 1987.8,9,10
DeceasedShe died on 7 October 1999 in the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Sean and Lynne Tracy, Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut, at the age of 89.11,12,13
InterredShe was buried in Madronia Cemetery, Saratoga, Santa Clara Co., California. Row G, Grave 13, Block 74; Her ashes were interred next to those of her husband of 55 years.3

Children with Charlie Walter Tracy:


Maxine started working at a very young age. Her father died when she was 13 years old and it was necessary for her to supplement the family's income. She went to work as a telephone operator after school hours and was on duty all night. She often spoke in later years of sleeping on a cot in the back of the telephone office, but also of how tired she always was. She also smiled when telling of the friends she made among the other telephone operators in the district as they talked to one another over the telephone lines, comparing notes on (or gossiping about) the activities throughout the county.
     Her high school typing teacher had an arrangement with a company in San Francisco whereby the top typing student from the graduating class would receive a job offer if they were to move to San Francisco. Maxine earned the top typist award and apparently did not find it a difficult decision to accept the job offer. Soon after graduating from High School at 17 years of age, she took the stage, as long distance buses were then called, to The City about 350 miles south. She initially stayed with the family of high school friends but quickly found an apartment of her own on Gough St. in San Francisco. After a short time on the job she grew disallusioned with the low pay and the company's working conditions... long hours and including many weekends. She went looking for a new job and quickly found a postition in the office of a dairy creamery in Palo Alto, south of the City. There it was her task to calulate the amount of butterfat in each delivery of milk - the dairy paid the farmers and charged the customers based on the butterfat content of the product. She enjoyed telling of being able to return to her first employer's office shortly after she had quit working there, to show off her new coat (with a fur collar) to her former work-mates... a way of bragging about the improved life-style she had achieved by changing employers.
     After her marriage she was primarily a Wife, Mother, and Home-Maker, though at times she also worked for the State of California Division of Highways in Eureka drawing blueprints for the Division's engineering office.14

Residences and Censuses

She appeared on the 1920 Federal Census of Crescent City, Del Norte Co., California, in the household of her parents, William and Catherine Ohlheiser.1
She appeared on the 1930 Federal Census of Palo Alto, Santa Clara Co., California, at 415 Lytton St., enumerated 13 April 1930.
     She was shown as a lodger, nineteen years old and single. She was currently employed as a Bookkeeper at a creamery (Home Dairy). She gave the information that she had been born in Nevada, her father in Nebraska and her mother in Montana, though she was wrong about her parents' places of birth. (Her father had been born in New York and spent his teenaged years in Nebraska; her mother had been born in Minnesota; they had married in Montana.)15
In 1931, Claire Maxine Ohlheiser and Marjorie (Marj) Ohlheiser lived in Menlo Park, San Mateo Co., California.
     By this time the sisters were both working at Golden State Creamery. Their "Apartment" was a converted one-car garage near the campus of Stanford University.16
She and Charlie Walter Tracy appeared on the 1940 Federal Census of Eureka, Humboldt Co., California, at 2338 C Street, enumerated 2 April 1940.
     Charlie and Maxine had lived in Nice, Lake Co. California 5 years previously but since then they had lived in several other locations. He was working steadily as a timekeeper for the contractor building the highways in Northern California - managing the payrolls for the construction crews - and relocated as the road work progressed, staying close to the location of the crew. By 1938, tired of being constantly on the move, Charlie changed employers and they settled in Eureka, where he worked for the California Division of Highways as office manager.2
She and Charlie Walter Tracy lived from August 1956 to December 1963 in North Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., California.
     Charlie and Maxine reluctantly moved here from Eureka, California, for Charlie to accept a promotion within the Division of Highways. (They would have preferred to remain in Northern California.)
     Upon Charlie's retirement in 1963, after 35 years with the State of California's Division of Highways, he and Maxine relocated to Pacific Grove, California.
     In 1972 they sold their home in Pacific Grove overlooking Monterey Bay and relocated to Saratoga, California to be closer to their medical provider, and coincidently this was the town where Charlie's father had lived out his last years.
Between April 1989 and October 1999, Claire Maxine Ohlheiser lived in Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut.5

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