Joseph Ohlhaüser1

(26 October 1838 - 23 February 1904)

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Joseph Ohlheiser
1838 - 1904
Relationship2nd great-grandfather of The 3 Tracys
Family Group:Ohlheiser
Trees14 Generations of Our Ancestors
Our Ohlheiser Family Pedigree
Descent from Joseph Ohlhauser - c. 1757

Some Background

Joseph Ohlhaüser was also known as Joseph Ohlheiser.
     It should be noted that in some legal documents he was referred to as Joseph Ohlheiser, Jr. to clarify which individual, father or son, was involved... though technically he was not a "Junior." Typically, in Gemany at this time, a child was baptised with two names. The first was a given name honoring a saint; and the second was a secular, or "call" name, the name by which a person was known. The 1838 Baptismal record names him simply as "Joseph Ohlhaüser" with no second name which implies that Joseph was his secular, call name. His military grave marker in Juniata, Nebraska, reads "Jos. Ohlheiser, Jr." though on the family tombstone standing next to it is just "Joseph Ohlheiser."
     After his death a calling card was found in an old wallet among his papers that shows his name printed as "Joseph T. Ohlheiser." For a number of years, the combination of these circumstances led to the assumption that both he and his father had a middle initial "T" in their names and were "officially" a Junior and a Senior. No evidence has been found to date showing that either of them had signed their names in that fashion (though the father's name appears as Joseph J. Ohlheiser occasionally.) The middle initial "T" and the "Junior & Senior" assumption were proven incorrect in 1987 when their baptismal registrations were located in their home town, Spechbach, Baden-Wurtenburg, Germany showing on the son's his name as simply "Joseph"; and on the father's his name as "Joannes Josephus" (Johan Joseph.)2,3,4,5
FatherJohan Joseph Ohlhaüser (8 Sep 1798 - 17 Dec 1869)
MotherMaria Eva Heckler (4 Jan 1799 - 10 Mar 1881)

Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildJoseph Ohlhaüser was born on 26 October 1838, in Spechbach, Grand Duchy of Baden. at 8:00 in the morning.6,7,8
ChildHe was baptized on 28 October 1838, in St. Martin Roman Catholic Church, Spechbach, Grand Duchy of Baden.
     He had been born two days earlier, the legitimate son of Joseph Ohlhaüser and his wife, Maria Eva Heckler of Spechbach; his Godfather was Johann Georg Merz and witnesses were Johann Ohlhaüser and Simon Stroh.
     Note that the witness Johann Ohlhaüser was quite likely his father's brother, Johan. Also note that Merz was the family name of his father's first wife.6
GroomHe, 26, married Hattie S. Darling, 20, daughter of William Darling and Abigail Treat, on 19 February 1865 in Aurora, Erie Co., New York.
     They were married by the Methodist minister, Rev. J. McClelland, at Aurora, New York. The marriage certificate shows their names as Mr. Joseph O Heiser of Colden, N.Y. and Miss Hattie S. Darling of Aurora, N.Y.
     Joseph had grown up in New York but was a first generation German immigrant. Hattie was a member of the eighth generation of Darling families in America - her 5th great grandfather had arrived in New England circa 1653 and she also had other ancestors who arrived in the New World as early as 1620.
     Her ancestry was a long line that included a number of Congregationalist ministers and Puritan "Divines." He had been baptised in the Catholic Church in Spechbach, Germany, the town from which his family had emigrated when he was seven years old.
          It is interesting to speculate on the nature of a courtship and a marriage formed between two individuals from such divergent backgrounds... and how their families reacted to the match-up.9,10,7
WidowerHe became a widower at 42 years of age when his wife Hattie died on 26 December 1880. His sons were fourteen years, seven years, and sixteen months old when their mother died;
     According to Family Lore, Hattie's death at such a young age was attributed to "the galloping consumption," an archaic term for Tuberculosis.11,12
Second MarriageOn 10 March 1885, in Methodist Episcopal Church, Hastings, Adams Co., Nebraska, Joseph Ohlheiser, at the age of 46, married second Mary Eleanor Van Vliet, who was 38 years old, daughter of Ira Van Vliet and Maria Buffam. The marriage was performed by John Gallagher, Minister M.E. Church; wittnesses were Mrs. E.D. Gallagher and Miss Minnie Brown.
     Eleanor was affectionately known as "Aunt Nell" or "Nellie", though she signed her letters to Oren as "Mother"; but those to Will she signed more formally as Eleanor M. Ohlheiser or as E.M.O.13,14
DeceasedHe died on 23 February 1904 in Juniata, Adams Co., Nebraska, at the age of 65.
On the death of Joseph Ohlheiser,
Headquarters, Geary Post, No. 81, G.A.R.
Whereas, the all-wise Father has removed from our midst an old Soldier Comrade Joseph Ohlheiser:
Therefore, be it resolved by the members of Geary Post that we extend to the bereaved family of deceased our tenderest sympathy
and regret that so few were present at the funeral by reason of uncertainty of time and place of burial:
that a copy of this resolution be placed on the records of this Post, also published in the Juniata Herald and that a copy be sent to the family of the deceased.
     Com. O. A. Buzzell
     B. F. Smith.7,8

InterredHe was buried in Juniata Cemetery, Juniata, Adams Co., Nebraska; Block 4, Row 8.

Children with Harriet S. Darling:

Some Life Events of Interest

Joseph Ohlheiser was appointed guardian for his minor sons, George Edward (15 years old) and Oren Bela (9 years old - though the papers give his age as 8), heirs of Hattie S. Heiser on 12 July 1888 in Hastings, Adams Co., Nebraska. (Note, "Heiser" is the spelling given Hattie's surname on her tombstone.) Their mother had died seven and a half years earlier and apparently left an inheritance of about $500 to be divided equally among her three sons. This guardianship is the only evidence seen to date (2017) of Hattie having had an estate when she died. Because the estate was located in Erie Co., New York, it was necessary for Joseph to receive ancillary letters of guardianship from that court as well. The surrogate court in Buffalo, New York, accepted documentation from Nebraska (where a $1000 bond was established by Joseph) to make that ancillary appointment. William Joseph was 22 years old at the time this guardianship was set up and so would have received his share (about $4,300 in 2016 dollars) directly.15


On 18 May 1846, Joseph Ohlheiser at the age of 7 years, emigrated from Spechbach, Grand Duchy of Baden, to America with his parents.
     The note in Johan Joseph's papers providing this date in May is clear that this was the date Johan Joseph and Maria Eva "left Germany". But it is not clear as to whether that means this was the date they left Spechbach, Baden, or the date they sailed from France. Their arrival in New York was eight weeks later 18 July 1846.
     They sailed on the American ship "Queen Victoria", Capt. Charles A. Ranlett, Master, carrying 284 passengers out of the port of Havre, France, a point of embarkation for many families emigrating from the Baden-Württemburg area in Southwestern Germany during this time frame. The Queen Victoria was a three masted ship of 712 tons with an 18ft draft, built in 1839 for transatlantic transportation.
     According to oral family traditions, Joseph and Eva arrived in America with seven of the family's eight children. However, the ship's manifest includes only six of the children... Joseph's eldest son Georg Peter, 30 years old, is not listed among them and is said to have arrived in America later, circa 1850; and Joseph's eldest daughter, 29 year old Catharina Margaretta (from his marriage to Maria Katharina Merz) remained in Spechbach. Margaretha had married Johann Eisele and their first child was born in 1840.
     Johann Joseph's family initially settled in Sheldon, Wyoming Co., New York; the geography of Wyoming Co. is very similar to that around Spechbach. Within a couple of months of their arrival, Joseph purchased two parcels of farmland from Philip and Catharine Gath and Henry and Catharine Heisier. A community of German immigrants had grown up in Sheldon by the time the Ohlheisers arrived... very possibly there were others from the Spechbach area of Baden that were already living there. The record shows Joseph's surname as Oldheisier. Considering the similarities in their surnames, it may be that Henry Heisier was somehow related to Joseph?16,17,18,19


Joseph had been a farmer before the Civil War and returned to that livelihood after the war. But there are indications that he was unable to be fully involved in farm work due to impaired health which was a result sickness he experienced during his military service.
     After the death of his wife Hattie in 1879, he did light work as a carpenter while living with his brother George in Auburn, New York where he was also shown to be in partnership with George in the hardware business. When he went to Nebraska in 1884 he returned to farming or, more properly perhaps, was a farm owner letting out his land for a share in the proceeds from the sale of the annual harvests20,21


Military-BeginJoseph Ohlheiser, at the age of 22 began his military service on 20 September 1861 in Buffalo, Erie Co., New York, when he enlisted as a Private in the New York Volunteer Infantry, 21st Regiment (“1st Buffalo Regiment”), Company "F." Joseph volunteered for a period of two years, the Regiment's full term of enlistment.
     Nine year old Charlie Bigelow, a friend of the family's and cousin of Hattie Darling - Joseph's future wife - was attending the recruitment meeting and rememberd Joseph as being the first to volunteer. (This in spite of his father's stated intention for emigrating from Baden was to keep his sons from being drafted for military service.)
     James Lewis, the eighteen year old son of his neighbors in Colden, enlisted at the same time and was in the same Company "F".
          Joseph's physical characteristics are recorded as: Eyes - Brown; Hair - Brown; Complexion - Light; Height - 5ft, 6in.7,22,23,24
Military-EndHe ended his military service on 18 May 1863 in Buffalo, Erie Co., New York, when he was mustered out with the rest of the 21st Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, at the end of their term of enlistment.24
Military PensionOn 24 August 1881, while living with his brother's family in Auburn, Cayuga Co., New York, Joseph Ohlheiser applied for an Invalid's Military Pension based on his disability which was a result of the illness he had contracted during his service in the War of the Rebellion. He had "contracted disease of Liver and Kidneys from exposure... (after) taking a severe cold which resulted in the diseases aforesaid..." (symptoms that also may be associated with Typhoid Fever which Joseph's second wife said he had been ill with while serving in the Civil War)
     Prior to his enlistment and following his discharge up until April of 1881, Joseph said he had "followed farming," but was now only able to work at light carpentry.
     Joseph was eventually granted an Invalid's Pension... Certificate No. 598.904; some papers pertaining to the application process bear dates in 1883; in 1891 the Omaha Daily Bee listed Joseph among the Nebraska Pensioners; he was dropped from the pension rolls on his death in 1904. His pension was $6.00 per month.25,26

Land and Property

Property AcquisitionJoseph Ohlheiser purchased a piece of property consisting of 50 acres from his parents, Johan Joseph and Maria Eva Ohlheiser on 4 August 1864, in Colden, Erie Co., New York, The 50 acres was "Known and distinguished as the middle part of Lot number fourteen in the eighth town and six range of said township (Colden)."27
Property AcquisitionOn 18 November 1864, Joseph bought 50 acres of land in Colden, Erie Co., New York, consisting of 50 acres, "Known and distinguished as part of Lot number fourteen in the eighth town and six range of said township (Colden)."
     This piece of property, purchased from his brother George who was living in Auburn, appears to have been located next to the 50 acre parcel Joseph purchased from his parents in the previous August.28
Property OwnedIn 1866, Joseph Ohlheiser owned a piece of property in Colden, Erie Co., New York.
     The U.S., Indexed County Land Ownership Maps, 1860-1918 shows a piece of land with the name 'J. Ohlheiser' which appears to be the property Joseph (Jr.) purchased in 1864 from his father, Johan Joseph and his brother, George. Johan Joseph and George are both on the 1860 Agricultural Census for Colden, listed next to each other - but do not appear on this map drawn up four years later suggesting that they had removed to Cayuga Co. in the years between.
     All three of them participated in property sales and purchases in this time frame.29,30
Property AcquisitionOn 2 January 1871, Joseph bought 17 acres of land in Aurora, Erie Co., New York, paying $1,650. He bought this land from his wife's parents, William and Abigail Darling.
     Joseph's surname was spelled OhlHeiser on the warranty deed.31

Residences and Censuses

He appeared on the 1850 Federal Census of Sheldon, Wyoming Co., New York, in the household of his parents, Joseph and Maria Eva Ohlheiser.32,33
He appeared on the 1860 Federal Census of Colden, Erie Co., New York, in the household of his parents, Joseph and Maria Eva Ohlheiser.34
He appeared on the 1870 Federal Census of South Wales Village, Town of Aurora, Erie Co., New York, in the household of William Darling and Abigail Darling, his wife's parents. His wife Hattie and his son Willie were also enumerated as part of this household. Joseph's occupation was shown as "Farmer" and he listed his real estate with a value of $2000; he did not give a value for his personal estate.35
He and Hattie Ohlheiser appeared on the 1880 Federal Census of Aurora, Erie Co., New York, enumerated 7 July 1880. Their children William, George and Oren were listed as living with them. Joseph was born in Germany, as were his parents; Hattie and their children were born in New York.
     Listed by the names of Joseph and Hattie Heiser, (and living in the household next to Hattie's parents, William and Abigail Darling) Joseph has the occupation of Farmer; Hattie Keeps house; and 14 year old William attends school and works on a farm - presumably his family's.
     20 tilled acres, 10 acres of permanent meadows and 8 acres of woodland comprised Joseph's farm which he valued at $1140, with an additional $55 worth of implements and machinery, and $200 of livestock. He had spent $10 on building and repairing in 1879 and had purchased $8 of fertilizers that year. He valued the farm's productions at $275 for the year. Their livestock consisted of 1 horse, 5 milk cows, all of 5 of which calved and were sold, 1 pig, and 25 chickens. The farm produced 200 lbs. of butter. Their 2 acres of oats produced 50 bushels; 1 acre of wheat produced 26 bushels; 7 acres of Irish potatoes produced 110 bushels; and 100 bushels of apples with a value of $15 came from their 2 acre orchard of 25 trees. They took 15 cords of wood from the woodland which were valued at $1 per cord. These numbers suggest theirs was a prosperous family farm rather than a commercial enterprise, though they undoubtedly were able to sell any surplus.36,37
In April 1881, Joseph Ohlheiser lived in Auburn, Cayuga Co., New York.
     After Hattie's death the previous December, Joseph moved to Auburn bringing his two older sons. They lived with Joseph's brother, George, and George's family.38
In 1883, according to the City Directory for that year, Joseph Ohlheiser and his brother George Ohlheiser lived in Auburn, Cayuga Co., New York, where they were the proprietors of Ohlheiser Bros., a hardware store selling "hardware, stoves, &c."
     Joseph was listed as a boarder in George's home, which at that time was above the hardware store, at 26 Genesee St. (on the corner with Mechanic St.)39
The Auburn city directory shows that in 1884, Joseph Ohlheiser and George Ohlheiser lived in Auburn, Cayuga Co., New York.
     The Directory also indicates that George's family had moved to 20 Franklin St., and that Joseph was still boarding with them. However, the hardware business is now listed in only George's name, and Joseph is shown as a salesman.
     It is likely that between the previous year and this one that Joseph had turned his share in the business over to George in anticipation of moving West with his sons... Joseph is said to have relocated to Hastings, Nebraska, in February of 1884.40,7
In February 1884, Joseph Ohlheiser lived in Juniata, Adams Co., Nebraska.
     Joseph and his boys arrived in Juniata in February. That July they experienced their first of many of the region's extreme hail storms. But they did miss the literal "plague of locusts" that had destroyed the grain (and all other) crops in the area the previous year.7,41
On 1 June 1891, Joseph Ohlhaüser lived in Juniata, Adams Co., Nebraska.42
Joseph and Mary Eleanor Ohlheiser appeared on the 1900 Federal Census of Verona Township, Adams Co., Nebraska, enumerated 19 June 1900. His son Oren was listed as living with him.43


Church AffiliationJoseph Ohlhaüser was baptised in the Roman Catholic Church in Spechbach, Baden. His parents and siblings remained active in that religion after their arrival in America. However Joseph's wife Hattie Darling and her family were members of the Methodist Epicopal Church. He apparently converted to that religion as they were married by the Methodist Minister in Aurora, New York. According to his obituary he maintained his affiliation with the M.E. Church until his death in Juniata, Adams Co., Nebraska.44,45,46


Joseph Ohlheiser was named an heir in the will of his father Joseph Ohlheiser dated 30 December 1862, in Colden, Erie Co., New York. He was to receive one hundred and fifty dollars on the death of his father in 1869.47
Joseph himself had not prepared a will and so died intestate. Considering the size of his estate an administrator would have needed to be appointed to determine its distribution. This role was carried out by A.P. Slack, an individual highly respected within the Juniata community and a friend of the family. About three months before he died Joseph had called on Mr. Slack to discuss the preparation of a will. He advised Mr. Slack that " ... he wished to make a will because some of the boys had not done with their money just as he would like them to do and he would like to dispose of his property before he died so it would be used as he wished afterwards.” However, a will was never drawn up as he told Mr. Slack that he wasn't ready to do so at that time.
     The Adams County Clerk prepared a certification of his taxable estate (needed by his widow when she applied for a widow's pension based on his military service in the Civil War), declaring that at the time of his death the taxable personal property Joseph owned in Adams County included two horses, fourteen head of cattle, a sewing machine, and household goods with a total true value of about $600 (approximately $16,000 in 2012 dollars); in real estate, Joseph owned the SW quarter of Section Fourteen (14), Township Eight (8) N, Range Eleven (11) W of the P.M. in Adams County, (160 acres) which in the previous year, 1903, had been taxed based on an "actual value" of $6,100 ($162,000 in 2012 dollars).
     No distribution records have been found to date but Nebraska’s laws of intestate succession would most likely have dictated that half of Joseph's estate would go to his wife Eleanor and the other half would be distributed equally among his three sons, William, Ed (George Edward), and Oren. However, by mutual "agreement" between Will and his father, any share Will may have been entitled to from his father's future estate was to go instead to Joseph's grandchildren from Will's first marriage; A.P. Slack testified at the couple's divorce proceedings that, at Will’s direction, he paid the money to Mary Ohlheiser. This was not an insignificant amount of money (about $1600 or $43,000 in 2012 dollars) and undoubtedly, over time, it would have had an impact on Will's long term economic situation. (That inheritance arrangement carried over to Will’s step-mother's (Eleanor's) estate as well, the portion of her estate that Aunt Nell would have left to Will in 1924 ($1500 - about $20,000 in 2012 dollars) went instead to Will's ex-wife Mary for the benefit of their three children.)48,49

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