John Neel

(14 June 1778 - 18 April 1845)

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Relationship4th great-grandfather of The 3 Tracys
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Some Background

John Neel was also known as John Neal. Many, if not most, of the early records from the Carolinas and Kentucky show the family name spelled as "Neal". "Neel" appears to be the preferred spelling of our most recent male ancestor of the family... His grave marker is engraved "James Neel."
FatherHugh Neel (c. 1750 - )

Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildJohn Neel was born on 14 June 1778, in North Carolina. A birthdate of 10 Apr 1778 is also given, but without a source cited.1,2
GroomHe married Rebecca (Clarissa) Guess, daughter of John Guess and Mary Linsey, on 14 June 1798 in Madison Co., Kentucky. On the 13th of June 1798 John guess certified his consent for his daughter Rebechah to marry John Neal. The following day the marriage was performed by Samuel Biggerstaff.3,2
GroomHe married Ellender Meadors on 21 September 1830 in Ray Co., Missouri. Ellender was the widow of John Vanderpool and the mother of Lydia Vanderpool, the wife of John's son, James Neal.
     Vol I of Vanderpool Newsletters. pages 36 and 37, Marriages of Ray Co. MO. These were submitted by Thelma Wetsel, but are from Elsberry's records. Corrections:
Ellender Vanderpool m. John Neel 21 Sept. 1830, not 19 Nov., date of recording.4,5,2,1
DeceasedHe died on 18 April 1845 in Ray Co., Missouri, at the age of 66. ... probably.2

Children with Rebecca (Clarissa) Guess:

Residences and Censuses

John Neel appeared on the 1820 Federal Census of Bardstown Township, Nelson Co., Kentucky, enumerated on the line before Jonas Guess and so presumably they were neighbors.6,7
He appeared on the 1830 Federal Census of Ray Co., Missouri. John is listed in the age column for Free White Persons - Males "Of fifty and under sixty". The census totals: Free White Persons - Under 20: 6
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 3
Total Free White Persons: 10
Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored): 10
     Assuming that John's two eldest daughters, 31 year old Anna and 29 year old Elizabeth, had married by 1830 and were no longer living at home, the individuals remaining in John's family match pretty well to the ages indicated... at least within a year or two. Except for a single male in the ten and under fifteen age column. There is no known male family member that fits into that category. There does seem to be a rather long period of time (8 years) between Janet's birth in 1817 and William's in 1825 which could indicate a possible birth of another child, a boy born between, say, 1818 and 1820 who died after this census and whose name is unknown to family genealogists.8
John appeared on the 1840 Federal Census of the John Neal Household, Crooked River Town, Ray Co., Missouri. His entry is shown on the same page as that of David H. Neal. He is listed in the age column for Free White Persons - Males "60 & under 70" which would imply his birth was between the years 1770 and 1779 and be consistent with a 1778 birth year. This confirms the entry refers to John Sr. (b.1778) the father of David H., not the brother, John Jr. (b.1810). He would also be the family member engaged in agriculture that is indicated on the census.
     In addition to John, his household reportedly included two females; one in the "20 & under 30" column (born between years 1811 and 1820); one in the "5 & under 10" column (born between the years 1831 and 1835). The older of these females could be consistent with the age of one of John's daughters, Sally (b.1814) OR Janet (b.1817); and the younger is perhaps a granddaughter 5 to 9 years old. These females cannot be associated with any name. He married Ellender (Meadors) (Vanderpool) Neel (b.1776) in September of 1840, apparently after this census was taken as she is not accounted for in this census.9

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