Robert Martin1,2

(1711 - 1 June 1758)

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Relationship6th great-grandfather of The 3 Tracys
Family Group:Tracy
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Some Background

We can be confident that our line of descent from Robert Martin (b. circa 1711) to the present can be considered reasonably accurate. However, Robert’s ancestry is a bit more uncertain, though a number of genealogies place him as the youngest son of John and Elizabeth (Howe) Martin of Middletown, in the Colony of Connecticut.
However, two of the most reliable genealogical source references for this period and location, Jacobus' Families of Ancient New Haven, and Savage's Genealogical Dictionary (considered to be the Bible of early New England Families), raise questions about this connection. Savage does not include Robert in the family of John Martin of Middletown (or anywhere else in New England for that matter); and Jacobus only says "perhaps" he belongs to the family of John and Elizabeth (Howe) Martin. This is not entirely surprising considering that the estimated year of Robert’s birth does not conform with pattern of births for known children of John and Elizabeth Martin - and it would make it that he was born about 10 years after the birth of the youngest of John's and Elizabeth's known children. (His birth date/year is generally based on his presumed age (23 years) the year of his marriage – a birth record of any kind has yet to be found for Robert).
An 1870 history for Wallingford from its founding in 1670 names a number of individual Martin families living in the area, some related to one another and others not related. It indicates that, among those several other Martin families, both John Martin’s family and Robert Martin’s family appear in the town records – John in 1684 (when he married there before relocating to Middletown where he, and then his children, had been born); and Robert beginning in 1735 (though he married there the previous year – and all of his children were born there)... but doesn’t make any connection between them, and allows that there is no record as to how long John’s family resided there… but lists Robert’s children born there and their dates of birth up to 1754.
Extensive Martin family research done more recently by Steve Newton leaves his parentage in doubt as well.
Given this background, it appears that all we know for certain is that John Martin and Robert Martin appear to be of two generations, close enough in years to possibly be father and son - but without anything to support that possibility. Both lived in Wallingford near the same time but no relationship, or even an overlap in their residency, has been shown in the records of the town. Any connection between them would have to be presumed based on their shared surname and apparent proximity.3,4,5,6,1
FatherJohn Martin (7 Mar 1663 - aft 1710)
MotherElizabeth Howe (27 Jul 1666 - 26 Jul 1718)

Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildRobert Martin was born in 1711, in Middletown, Middlesex Co., Connecticut. Date estimated based on date of marriage.7,6,1
GroomHe married Abigail Parker, daughter of John Parker and Mary Kibbe, on 15 July 1734 in Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut. Their marriage was solemnized by Capt. Yale.8,9,10,11
DeceasedHe died on 1 June 1758 in French and Indian War. He was killed on this date.12,6,1

Children with Abigail Parker:

Some Life Events of Interest

Robert Martin was "On the memorial [statement of facts] of Robert Martyn, now under confinement in the common goal of this county, by sentence of the superior court, for uttering counterfeit bills of publick credit, knowing them to be such: Resolved by this Assembly, that if said Robert Martyn shall pay all charges of his prosecution, imprisionment, and premium, or procure good security, and find sufficient surety or sureties to become bound to the Treasurer of this Colony in the sum of two hundred pounds in bills of credit of the new tenour, that he will no more offend in like kind, [269] and shall be bound out to service for ten years to such master as this Assembly, or a  commitee by them appointed for such purpose, shall approve of, that then the said Martyn shall, on the second Monday of December next, be released from said imprisonment, under this restriction, that he then forthwith repair to the town of Wallingford to which he belongs, and there remain during life, and so often as he shall be found or known to have been without the bounds of said town, without special lycence of his master said under his hand, he shall be liable to be whipt not exceeding twenty stripes on his naked body, by order of the nearest authority; and Colonel Benjamin Hall, John Southmaid, Esqrs, and Capt. Elihu Hall, or any two of them, be a committee for the purposes aforementioned." 
     Later in the same session: "Upon the memorial of Elisha Wilcox, of Killingsworth, praying to this Assembly for a premium for informing against one Robert Martyn and Elisha Parker, of Wallingford, for uttering false and conuterfeit bils, by which means they were tendered to justice: Resolved by this Assembly, that the said Wilcox be allowed twenty pounds, old tenour bills, to be paid out of the publick treasury; and the Treasurer of this Colony is herby ordered to pay said sum to said Wilcox" in October 1744 in General Assembly of the Colony, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut Colony, New England.13
He was At the October 1752 session of the General Assembly the following issue was addressed by the court: "Upon the memorial [statement of facts] of Abner Johnson of Wallingford, praying to be allowed for his trouble and expence in retaking and bringing Robert Martin formerly convicted for uttering counterfeit bills, & c., to a complyance with the act of Assembly respecting said Martin's giving bond for the cost of his prosecution, &c.: Resolved by this Assembly, that said Abner Johnson have liberty to have and receive out of the public treasury of this Colony for his said trouble and expence the sum of fourteen pounds thirteen shillings in old tenour bills of the Colony of Rhode Island, and that Nathaniel Stanly, Esq', Treasurer of this Colony, is hereby directed to pay this same out of the said treasury." on 2 November 1752 in General Assembly of the Colony, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut Colony, New England.14


Military-BeginRobert Martin began his military service on 10 April 1758. Having enlisted for service during the French and Indian War, Robert served in the 2nd Regmt, 9th Company - Capt. Wadsworth.1,6

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