Anthony Martin1,2,3,4,5

(circa 1640 - 16 November 1673)

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Relationship8th great-grandfather of The 3 Tracys
Family Group:Tracy
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Some Background

Anthony Martin's parentage is unclear as of this date (Oct 2017).
     Several family trees published on the Internet (primarily by or one of their affiliates) show his parents as Samuel Martin, of Wethersfield and New Haven, and the widowed Phebe (Bisby) Brassey. However, the family trees reviewed to date that present this information cite as the source for that information either other online family trees that are themselves vaguely sourced or, too often, completely unsourced; or they cite databases maintained by the Family History Library (e.g, Family Data Collections) or by with information that is, at best, also vaguely sourced. All serious genealogists are aware that information from these sources must be verified before being accepted as fact... repetition alone does not suffice.
     Remarkably, a close examination of the sources that have been repeatedly provided show a most improbable marriage age for Anthony, whom they have assumed to be the child of Samuel and Phebe Martin. IF Anthony were indeed the son of Samuel and Phebe (Bisby) (Brassey) Martin, as these family trees say, he would have been about 14 years old when he married Mary Hall in 1661 (and only 15 years old at the birth of his eldest child), based on the following reasoning:
Phebe Bisby's first husband was John Bressey (Brace) who died before 1646 (see below).
In 1650 Phebe's father, William Bisby, prepared his will.
Phebe, widowed before 1650, re-married, to one Samuel Martin; certainly before 1650, as indicated by her father having referred to her in his will as "Phebe Martin", not "Phebe Bressey".
In 1680 Phebe's son Samuel Martin Jr. (presumably her first son as he was Jr.) sued the estate of his grandfather William Bisby on behalf of himself and his brother Joseph - making a claim for an inheritance due them as grandsons according to the terms of the will.
In his complaint Samuel Jr. stated that he was 4 years old at the time the Wm Bisby will was prepared in 1650... giving Samuel Martin Jr. a birth year of 1646. (Granted, his claim was being made 35 +/- years after his birth so Samuel Jr. may have been off in his age by a year or two one way or the other, but such a minor difference would be immaterial to this argument.)
Given the religious climate of the times, one could assume that Samuel Jr.'s parents were probably married sometime before his birth... a marriage date of around 1645 would be consistent with a child born to a couple in 1646. And given that there is no record of Samuel and/or Phebe having been accused of an improper relationship it would be highly unlikely that Phebe had given birth to another child by Samuel Martin before 1646. And it would be reasonable to think it unlikely another child would have been born before 1647. All of which would mean that were Anthony Phebe's son he would have been, at most, no more than 14 years old in 1661 when he married Mary Hall according to Middletown town records.
Additionally, the lawsuit in 1680 makes a claim on behalf of Samuel Jr. and his brother Joseph Martin, but not for other siblings... a strong indication that there were no other children (e.g., Anthony) born to Phebe at the time the will was prepared or at the time of the grandfather's death in February, 1652. It would appear that there were no others to benefit under the terms of the will. (Regarding that suit: there doesn't appear to be a record of a judicial finding.)

     However, Anthony had the surname of Martin... he was almost certainly the son of a Martin couple whose names are not yet discovered, who married a little earlier than the Martins researched to date.6,7

Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildAnthony Martin was born circa 1640. Anthony's birth date is estimated based on date his marriage.8,9,1,10
GroomHe married Mary Hall, daughter of Richard Hall and Mary, on 7 March 1661 in Middletown, Middlesex Co., Connecticut. The Middletown marrige records shows Mary to be the daughter of Richard (Halle) but does not name parent(s) for Antony (sic.)11,1,10
DeceasedHe died on 16 November 1673 in Middletown, Middlesex Co., Connecticut Colony, New England. (INFORMATION MISSING.)12,9,1,10

Children with Mary Hall:

Residences and Censuses

Anthony Martin appeared on the census of 1670 in Middlesex Co., Connecticut.3

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