Daniel Lovett1,2,3,4

(24 December 1623 - 24 January 1692)

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Some Background

Daniel Lovett was also known as Daniel Lovitt, Lovet, Luvet, and Levitt among several other spellings.5

Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildDaniel Lovett was born on 24 December 1623, in Chesham Parrish, Buckinghamshire, England.1,2
GroomHe married Johanna Blott, daughter of Robert Blott and Susanna Selbee, between 7 September 1644 and 8 June 1645 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England.6,7,1
DeceasedHe died on 24 January 1692 in Mendon, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England, at the age of 68.8,1

Children with Johanna Blott:

Immigrant Ancestor

In 1648, Daniel Lovett arrived in Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England. Date and location of marriage indicates an earlier immigration date...9

Founder or First Settler

On 22 May 1662, Daniel was among the founders/first settlers of Plantation at Netmocke, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England. He was named among the 24 planters initially accepted to receive an allotment of land. In the Summer of 1663 Daniel was one of the first of seven settlers to remove from Braintree to the plantation, which had by then been renamed Mendon.10

Community Service

On 7 June 1667, in Mendon, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England, Daniel Lovett was elected to serve as as a selectman at the first town meeting. He served in this office again in 1668, 1671, 1672, and 1674, at least. In later years his son James was elected to this office. Daniel's family played leading roles in the town of Mendon over many years and several generations.11
On 17 September 1667, in Mendon, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England, Daniel Lovett was chosen to serve as 'Clarke of the Writts'...
     " I t is ordered that in every towne one shall bee appointed to grant sumons & attachments in all civil actions; & attachments are to bee granted when the pty is a stranger, not dwelling amongst us, or for some that is going out of or jurisdiction, or that is going about to make away his estate to defraude his creditors, or when psns are doubtful in their estates to the plaintiffe; and the psns to grant replevy, they are to take bond wth sufficient security (of the pty that desireth replevy) to psecute the suite; & they are to have for warrants 2d. a. peece, for replevy or attachments 3d. a peece & for bonds 4d. a peece. These are to be directed to the constables in towns where there is no marshalls; the same pty to grant summons for witnesses. These have power to send out pces to any towne, & to bee called Clarks of the Writtes"

Daniel was elected to this office once again on 15 May 1674 at a Generall Towne Meeting.12

Residences and Censuses

On 14 July 1675, Daniel Lovett resided in Mendon, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England, one of the 38 families living there when the Indians attacked the town at the outbreak of King Philip's War. (The families of Job Tyler, Hope Tyler, and John Parish were also living there.)
     Nipmuck Indians attacked Mendon... the first Massachusetts Bay Colony town destroyed in King Philip's War. Five members of the town's thirty-eight families were killed and several buildings burned. Several families moved back to Braintree and Weymouth, others stayed behind and built a "fort" to protect the town. By October, only half of the original families remained... they requested assitance from the Colony's General Court to help them remove to their original towns but were turned down and shortly made their own ways back to their home towns. The next February the Indians returned and what was left of the town was burned to the ground.
     Daniel's family returned after the war's end. (As did the Tylers... John Parish apparently did not.)13


Daniel Lovett was named an heir in the will of his father-in-law, Robert Blott, dated 27 May 1662 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England.14,6
He was mentioned in the codicil to the will of Robert Blott on 27 March 1665 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England. Robert wrote the codicil on the back side of the original will to adjust some of his legacies (as in the intervening years he had consumed some of the grains included in the original bequests), add a couple of minor bequests, and provide some clarifications, especially regarding the bequest of his "house and Ground" to his son-in-law, Edward Ellis. He made clear that that bequest was to be for the "good and Benefit of my Daughter Sara & the children of my sonne Ellis by her During their lives or the surviver of them : but my meaning is not that it shall at all goe from him otherwise th(a)n for their Benefitt & therby of him in them". He also added his "Daughter Ellis" (Sarah) to be co-executor with her husband. In the original will Robert left his "Best Coate" to Daniel. Per this codicil, Daniel's eldest son was to receive a remnant of cloth, perhaps for the purpose of making a coat for the grandson, as in the original will a similar bequest of a piece of cloth had been left to another grandson, John Green, for that purpose.14
He prepared a will dated 26 December 1691, in Mendon, Province of Massachusetts Bay, New England. The will was proven in Boston, Suffolk Co., 28 April 1692.15

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