Hannah Gore1,2

(15 May 1646 - 24 January 1670/71)

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Relationship9th great-grandmother of The 3 Tracys
Family Group:Ohlheiser
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Some Background

It is said by some genealogists (including Jacobus, in a passing reference) that Hannah Gore (who married Stephen Gifford), Elizabeth Gore (who married John Gager), and Mary Gore (no spouse named), were sisters, the daughters of Samuel Gore and Elizabeth Hill of Rotherhithe, London... all were born in England and the daughters subsequently emigrated to New England.
However, mitigating against this theory is that Samuel's and Elizabeth's marriage is known to have been in 1627, and the birthdate of their known daughter Elizabeth was also about this year - she married Gager c.1645; their known daughter Mary was born about 1631-1634.
Hannah married Stephen Gifford in 1667 when, according to this theory, she would have been about 40 years old; or, if she was of a more typical marriage age for the era (say, 20) when she married Stephen, she would have to have been born about 20 years after Samuel's and Elizabeth's marriage and the birth of their daughter Elizabeth, and 12 to 15 years after Mary's birth as well... all possibilities, but also very highly unlikely.
So, while the names and locations of the individuals involved could work, the dates don't support the theory.5,6
FatherJohn Gore3 (c. 1606 - 2 Jun 1657)
MotherRhoda (Rosa)4 (c. 1610 - 22 Aug 1693)

Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildHannah Gore was born on 15 May 1646, in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England.3,7
ChildShe was baptized on 18 May 1646, in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England.3,7
BrideHannah Gore married Stephen Gifford on 1 May 1667 in Norwich, Connecticut Colony, New England.8
DeceasedShe died on 24 January 1670/71 in Norwich, New London Co., Connecticut, at the age of 24.2,9

Children with Stephen Gifford:


Hannah Gore was named an heir in the will of her father John Gore, dated 22 May 1657 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England.10

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