Harriet S. Darling1

(19 May 1844 - 26 December 1880)

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Harriet (Hattie) S. Darling
1844 - 1880
Relationship2nd great-grandmother of The 3 Tracys
Family Group:Ohlheiser
Trees14 Generations of Our Ancestors
Our Ohlheiser Family Pedigree
Descent from Joseph Ohlhauser - c. 1757

Some Background

Harriet S. Darling was also known as Hattie S. Darling.
     Even for formal occasions she usually used Hattie rather than Harriet, e.g. her marriage certificate; even her tombstone bears "Hattie S. Darling, wife of Joseph O' Heiser." The middle initial "S" probably indicates her middle name was Sarah, the name of her paternal grandmother, Sarah (Stafford) Darling.
     As has been noted elsewhere, the Ohlheiser name receives numerous spellings... but "Heiser" seems consistent in Colden and South Wales with that spelling found on Hattie's and Joseph's marriage Certificate, the 1870 Census (which names her as Harriet Heiser), and in Griffin's Mills Cemetery.3,4
FatherWilliam Darling2 (28 Mar 1812 - 22 Oct 1896)
MotherAbigail Treat (25 Oct 1816 - 4 Jan 1897)

Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildHarriet S. Darling was born on 19 May 1844, in East Aurora, Erie Co., New York.
BrideHattie S. Darling, 20, married Joseph Ohlheiser, 26, son of Johan Joseph Ohlhaüser and Maria Eva Heckler, on 19 February 1865 in Aurora, Erie Co., New York.
     They were married by the Methodist minister, Rev. J. McClelland, at Aurora, New York. The marriage certificate shows their names as Mr. Joseph O Heiser of Colden, N.Y. and Miss Hattie S. Darling of Aurora, N.Y.
     Joseph had grown up in New York but was a first generation German immigrant. Hattie was a member of the eighth generation of Darling families in America - her 5th great grandfather had arrived in New England circa 1653 and she also had other ancestors who arrived in the New World as early as 1620.
     Her ancestry was a long line that included a number of Congregationalist ministers and Puritan "Divines." He had been baptised in the Catholic Church in Spechbach, Germany, the town from which his family had emigrated when he was seven years old.
          It is interesting to speculate on the nature of a courtship and a marriage formed between two individuals from such divergent backgrounds... and how their families reacted to the match-up.5,6,7
DeceasedShe died on 26 December 1880 in South Wales, Erie Co., New York, at the age of 36.
     According to Family Lore, Hattie's death at such a young age was attributed to "the galloping consumption," an archaic term for Tuberculosis.8,9
InterredShe was buried in Griffins Mills Cemetery, Griffins Mills, Aurora, Erie Co., New York;
     Hattie was buried in the Darling Family Plot, near her parents and siblings. Her tombstone displays her name as Hattie S. Darling, wife of Joseph O'Heiser.9,8

Children with Joseph Ohlhaüser:

Residences and Censuses

She appeared on the 1850 Federal Census of Colden, Erie Co., New York, in the household of her parents, William Darling and Abigail Darling.10
She appeared on the 1855 State Census of Colden, Erie Co., New York, in the household of her parents, William Darling and Abigail Darling.11
She appeared on the 1860 Federal Census of Colden, Erie Co., New York, in the household of her parents, William Darling and Abigail Darling.12
She appeared on the 1870 Federal Census of South Wales Village, Town of Aurora, Erie Co., New York, in the household of her parents, William and Abigail Darling, along with her husband, Joseph, andt heir son, Willie J. The Ohlheiser's last name was rendered as "Heiser."4
She and Joseph Ohlheiser appeared on the 1880 Federal Census of Aurora, Erie Co., New York, enumerated 7 July 1880. Their children William, George and Oren were listed as living with them. Joseph was born in Germany, as were his parents; Hattie and their children were born in New York.
     Listed by the names of Joseph and Hattie Heiser, (and living in the household next to Hattie's parents, William and Abigail Darling) Joseph has the occupation of Farmer; Hattie Keeps house; and 14 year old William attends school and works on a farm - presumably his family's.
     20 tilled acres, 10 acres of permanent meadows and 8 acres of woodland comprised Joseph's farm which he valued at $1140, with an additional $55 worth of implements and machinery, and $200 of livestock. He had spent $10 on building and repairing in 1879 and had purchased $8 of fertilizers that year. He valued the farm's productions at $275 for the year. Their livestock consisted of 1 horse, 5 milk cows, all of 5 of which calved and were sold, 1 pig, and 25 chickens. The farm produced 200 lbs. of butter. Their 2 acres of oats produced 50 bushels; 1 acre of wheat produced 26 bushels; 7 acres of Irish potatoes produced 110 bushels; and 100 bushels of apples with a value of $15 came from their 2 acre orchard of 25 trees. They took 15 cords of wood from the woodland which were valued at $1 per cord. These numbers suggest theirs was a prosperous family farm rather than a commercial enterprise, though they undoubtedly were able to sell any surplus.13,14

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