Chesley DeLacy Corkum1

(11 October 1872 - 23 October 1960)

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Chesley De Lacy Corkum
1873 - 1960
RelationshipGreat-grandfather of The 3 Tracys
Family Group:Corkum
Trees14 Generations of Our Ancestors
Our Corkum Family Pedigree
Descent from Peter H. Gorkum - c. 1550
FatherGeorge Edward DeLacy Corkum (16 Feb 1841 - 28 Oct 1913)
MotherSarah Charlotte Jess (16 Jul 1835 - 1917)

Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildChesley DeLacy Corkum was born on 11 October 1872, in Scots Bay, Kings Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. Chesley gave his age as 26 years old at his marriage in December of 1899; On his WW I Draft Registration card Chesley gives his age as 44 years and his birthdate as 11 October 1873; all other self-reported references to his birthdate and/or age indicate a birth year of 1873.
     HOWEVER, his name is entered in the Scots Bay, King County birth records in the following way: Registration Year: 1872 - Book: 1816 - Page: 172 - Number: 495; Chesley Delaney (sic) Corkum; M; 11 Oct 1872; his father is named as Delacy Corkum; Miller, Scots Bay; his mother is named as Sarah Jess; the parents were married October 1869 at Scots Bay. this is the same date as recorded on a certified copy of his birth certificate issued 14 July 1950. As there is little to no possibility of the official birth records being incorrect (twice), his birthdate is recorded here as 11 October 1872 based on this evidence.2,3,4
GroomHe married Helena Jane Warnock, daughter of William Henry Warnock and Jane Warnock, on 13 December 1899 in Trinity M.E. Church, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts. The church record shows 26 year old Chesley, a carpenter, was born in Nova Scotia and 19 year old Helena was born in Prince Edward Island.5,6
Second MarriageBetween 1940 and 1960, Chesley DeLacy Corkum married second (No Surname) Hale. This marriage needs verification... this source is the only source mentioning a spouse by name of Hale.7
DeceasedHe died on 23 October 1960, in Avon, Hartford Co., Connecticut, at the age of 88 years and 12 days. His residence was shown as Simsbury, Hartford Co., Connecticut. He had been living with his daughter Mildred and her husband Raymond Hatch.7
InterredHe was buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Everett, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

Children with Helena Jane Warnock:

Some Life Events of Interest

According to one genealogy he was a strong temperance man, member of the International Order of Good Temoplars for 56 years and was Grand Chief Templar, Massachusetts Grand Lodge, for 35 years.8


On 15 October 1896, Chesley DeLacy Corkum at the age of 24, and Warren Ellsworth Corkum, 26 years of age, emmigrated from Yarmouth, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia, Canada, to The brothers arrived on board the vessel M Reynolds. Census returns for 1900 & 1930 show Chesley's arrival year as 1887; and the 1910 census shows the arrival year as 1888. It is possible that he came to the United States earlier for short periods of time, or working as a ship's carpenter which was his trade, but note that he was enumerated in the 1891 Census for King's Co., Nova Scotia. It appears that he took up permanent residence in the States in 1896. To Boston, Massachusetts.9




WW I DraftOn 12 September 1918, while living at 38 School St., Everett, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, Chesley DeLacy Corkum registered for the WW I military draft. He stated he was 44 years old, born on 11 October 1873. He checked the box indicating he was a "Citizen by Father's Naturalization Before Rigistrant's Majority". His occupation was that of carpenter but he was, "Not working at present - recovering from injury". Chesley listed his wife Helena J. Corkum as his nearest relative. His physical description indicates that he was of medium height and build, blue eyes, and he was partially bald. He had no physical conditions that would have disqualified him from service.1

Residences and Censuses

He appeared on the 1881 Census of Canada, in Canning, Kings Co., Nova Scotia, in the household of his parents, George Edward DeLacy Corkum and Sarah Charlotte Corkum.12
He appeared on the census of 1891 in Kings Co., Nova Scotia.13
He appeared on the 1892 State Census of Scots Bay, Kings Co., Nova Scotia, Canada, in the household of his mother, Sarah Charlotte Corkum.14
Chesley and Lena Corkum appeared on the 1900 Federal Census of Chelsea, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, at 817 Broadway, enumerated 12 June 1900.
     26 year old Chesley was born in October 1873 and reported that he and his parents had been born in Canada; he had been in the United states 13 years having arrived in 1887 and was a naturalized citizen; his occupation was listed as machine shop foreman. Lena, was 20 years old, born in February 1880 in Canada, as were her parents; She had been in the States 11 years, having arrived in 1889. Chesley and Lena had been married less than a year at the time of the census.15
Chesley and Helena Jane Corkum appeared on the 1910 Federal Census of Everett, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, at 21 Corey St., enumerated 28 April 1910. Their children Helena, Mildred, Chesley and Allan were listed as living with them, Chesley (36 years old) and Helena (30 years) are living with Helena's parents, William H. (69 years) and Jane (63 years) Warnock. William and Jane had been married for 45 years; Helena and Chesley for 10years. William is shown as the house owner, Chesley as a renter. The families are enumerated at the same house number but each with their own family number.
     Both men's occupation is shown as house carpenter... William as an employer, Chesley works for wages (for his father-in-law?). Both were employed at the date of the census, but Chesley is shown to have been out of work for 13 weeks during 1909.
     All of the adults were born in Canada as were all of their parents, except Jane's mother had been born in Scotland. William and Jane, Chesley and Helena all immigrated in 1888... the men became naturalized citizens, their wives became citizens based on their husbands' naturalization.
     Jane had given birth to 7 children of whom 6 were living at the time of the census; Helena had given birth to 4 children, all of whom were living. Helena's two oldest daughters, Helena and Mildred attended school; her boys Chesley and Allan were still too young.16
He and Helena Jane Corkum appeared on the 1920 Federal Census of Everett, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, at 38 School St., enumerated 7 January 1920. Chesley and Helena were both born in Nova Scotia, as were their parents. Chesley was said to be an American citizen as was his father, despite their births in Canada. Helena's parents were Canadian citizens... Helena immigrated to the U.S. in 1888 and became a naturalized citizen of the U.S. on her marriage to Chesley in 1900. Chesley's occupation is recorded as a general carpenter, working for wages.. Their children Mildred, Chesley, Allan, Sydney and Laurence were listed as living with them. All of the children were born in Massachusetts.17
He appeared on the census of 1930 in Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
He appeared on the census of 1 April 1940 in East Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut.

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