William Archer Baugh1,2

(1830 or 1834 - after 1886)

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Some Background

William Archer Baugh was also known as William A Baugh. Voter registrations in San Diego, San Diego Co., California from 1872 through 1879 show William's with a middle name of Archer. To date (Jan 2016) these are the only sources showing William with a full middle name - all other sources give only his middle initial as "A."3

Birth - Marriage - Death

ChildWilliam Archer Baugh was born in 1830 or 1834, in Virginia. Census returns and Voter Registrations show he was born in Virginia in either of these two years. His daughter, Fanny Ada, states in her 1920 census listing that her father was born in West Virginia. Perhaps she meant that he was born in the western area of Viginia, the area that seceded from Virginia in 1863 during the Civil War and so in 1920 was a separate state.4,5,6,7
GroomHe married Mary C. Smith circa 1858. This date is calulated based on the birth date of their daughter, Frances Ada, who is said to be their eldest child. No record of their marriage has been located.2,8
DeceasedHe died after 1886. The date and location of William's death has never been established. He was carried on the voter register for San Diego county in 1886 so in all probablility he died sometime after this date. According to Family Tradition he made a trip to Colorado in regard to the mines there and was never heard from again.9,10

Children with Mary C. Smith:

Some Life Events of Interest

According to Family Tradition, William paid someone to take his place in the military service during the Civil War.
     A draftee (or someone on his behalf - e.g. his family or his employer) who did not want to serve was allowed to pay a commutation fee (in the North) or hire a substitute to take his place (both North and South), typically for $300 (about $5,800 in 2013 dollars), but sometimes considerably more, especially as the war continued. Paying such a bounty was not an uncommon practice in the South after the Confederate Conscription Act in 1862, and in the North after the institution of the military draft by the Union Government in 1863; that year 52,000 men paid the commutation fee and 26,000 provided substitutes to serve in their place in the Union Army.
     Between the Summer of 1860 and the birth of his daughter Florence in March of 1864, William and his family were living in Texas. While there was a strong Unionist sentiment in San Antonio where William was listed in the 1860 US Census, the Union draft did not reach into Texas so if William did in fact pay for a substitute, we can assume it was to avoid service in the Confederate Army. Nothing has been found to indicate on which side William's sympathies lay though if he paid for a substitute to serve in his place in the Confederate Army one could reasonably presume that he was not overly committed to the Southern cause. Union sympathizers were not treated kindly in Texas and many left the state to avoid the lynchings and land confiscations. They headed to the northern states, California, and Mexico and this may have been an influence on William's decision to move his family to Mexico c.1864.9,11


Around 1865, William Archer and Mary C. Baugh emmigrated with their children Fanny, Florence and Newton from Texas to Mexico. According to Family Lore they travelled first to New York and then by steamship from New York to Vera Cruz, Mexico. The 1880 Census indicates William's and Mary's son Irvin was born in Mexico in 1866. Voter Registrations give a general time frame for the family's return and, again according to Family Lore, Fanny Ada said they returned to the States by way of covered wagon when she was 12 years old (1871). Sons Alfred and Albert died during that trip to California. Also according to Family Lore, while they never had any encounters with any of the Indian tribes along the way, if they stopped and put their ears to the ground they could hear the hoofbeats of Indian ponies running somewhere beyond their sight.
     Veracruz, Mexico is located at approximately the middle of the Mexican coastal arc in the Gulf of' Mexico - about 2100 miles from San Diego, CA; 1400 miles from El Paso, TX, & 900 miles from San Antonio, TX. Veracruz was the start of a transcontinental trail from the east to the west for emigrants from the Eastern U.S. to California.12,13,14,15


On the two census returns found for him, and on California Voter registrations, he lists his occupation as being that of a Farmer. However, according to Family Tradition, William was a Mining Engineer and according to the same F.T. the purpose for William's trip to Colorado to work in the mines was related to his mining engineer background.1,16,2,17,18,19

Land and Property

PatentOn 4 June 1877,William Archer Baugh received a land patent from the General Land Office of the United States in Los Angeles for 40 acres he purchased in Monument City / Monumentville, San Diego Co., California. His forty acres were a Sale-Cash Entry (he paid for it rather than homesteaded it) and were located in Range 2-W, Township 18-S, Section 28; the NE quarter of the SE quarter. This land is 2.6 miles north of the current U.S./Mexico Border in agenerally residential part of the city of Imperial Beach, San Diego Co., California. The land was neatly platted along the lines of the survey and the boundaries have been maintained over the years in the lay out of the city blocks... the current boundaries are streets: N-Coronado Ave; S-Ingrid Ave; E-Hollister St; W-Green Bay St. There is a greenbelt that runs across the NE corner of the quarter/quarter section, and of course over the years the 40 acres has been subdivided into numerous home lots.20

Residences and Censuses

William A Baugh appeared on the 1850 Federal Census of The Upper District, Chesterfield Co., Virginia, enumerated 22 July 1850. He is enumerated in the household of William Lawson Traylor and his wife Rhoda (Coats) Traylor with their six children, including William Archer Traylor who was born March 1839. (Some sources show this son's name to be William Hays Traylor.)
18 year old William's occupation is shown as "Miner", as are two other members of the household, David H. Coats and James Mack. William Traylor is also shown as a "Miner".
If the eldest child of the head of the household is named William Archer it would seem to confirm that the Wm. Baugh enumerated is the same as the William Archer Baugh; who is also shown with an appropriate age, and the occupation of miner would seem to be compatible with the family tradition that William A. Baugh was involved in the mining field.
The surname of Archer is found numerous times in the census returns for Chesterfield Co. but, as yet, no familial connection between Archers, Baughs, and Traylors has been found.16,21
He and Mary C. Baugh appeared on the 1860 Federal Census of San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas, enumerated 23 July 1860. William's age is given as 30 years, Mary's as 26 years, and they were born in Virginia and Kentucky, respectively. William's occupation is listed as "Farmer" and he claimed a personal estate with a value of $200. Their child Fanny was listed as living with them,
     According to family stories relayed by Fanny's daughter, Ada Tracy, William Archer and Mary C. had moved to Kentucky "from a Pennsylvania Dutch settlement." They made the move to Texas very soon after Fanny's birth in 1859.2,9
1871, William Archer Baugh and Mary C. Baugh were living in in San Diego, in San Diego Co., California. According to Family Tradition, the family arrived in California by covered wagon in 1871, when their daughter, Fanny, was 12 years old. Their children Fanny, Newton, Florence and Irvin made the trek with them.14,22
Between 23 May 1872 and 1880, William Archer Baugh was registered to vote in San Diego, San Diego Co., California. The California Great Registers, 1866-1910 for 1872 lists both a William A. Baugh and a William Archer Baugh, both 42 year old farmers from Virginia, both of whom registered on 23 May 1872, both in San Diego, San Diego, California and in both places listed between Z.E. Bell and William P (or Perry - on the page showing William Archer Baugh) Bevington. It should be safe to surmize that William A. Baugh and William Archer Baugh are one and the same individual. This is the first (and these registers are the only to this date - Jan 2016) place where a full middle name is given for William. Later voter registrations for William in San Diego through 1879 all show the middle name of Archer. Voter registrations for him in Monumentville, San Diego Co., from 1880 through 1886 have only the middle initial "A."
[:TAB]His first registration being in 1872 is consistent with the Family Lore statement that the Baugh family arrived in San Diego c.1871.15,23
He appeared on the 1880 Federal Census of Monument City / Monumentville, San Diego Co., California, enumerated 8 June 1880. 50 year old William is shown as being married. (Though his wife Mary, also shown as married, appears in that year's Census living in San Diego with their daughters.) He and both of his parents were born in Virginia. His children Newton and Irvin were listed as living with him; William and 18 year old Newton have their occupations listed as "Farmer;" and 14 year old Irvin is listed as "at School."
     There could be any number of reasons
that William and his wife Mary are not living in the same household at the time of the census, William on a farm with the boys and Mary in the city with 16 year old Florence. (Fanny Ada was living in San Jose, California in 1880.) It should be noted that they were not living at a great distance from one another... both were in the census Supervisor's District #4, Mary in Enumeration Dist. #68 and William in Enumeration Dist. #69. While each of these 1880 Enumeration Districts covered large areas, Monumentville was only about 10 miles south of San Diego proper and on maps of the time the area was generally referred to as South San Diego.17
From 31 July 1880 to 1886, William Archer Baugh was registered to vote in Monument City / Monumentville, San Diego Co., California. William was carried on the voter registration list (Great Register of San Diego County), in Monument, for 1880, 1884 and 1886. He had registered on July 31 1880 indicating he had been born in Virginia and had the occupation of a farmer.24
For sometime before 1880, William Archer Baugh and Mary C. Baugh lived apart. The last census on which each of them can be found is that of 1880, both in San Diego Co., California. On that census they are both listed as being married though they are not living together (William was in Monumentville, farming; Mary was in San Diego, running a boarding house.)
     According to Family Tradition, William left the San Diego area and went to Colorado, to the mines there, and was never heard from again. He would have apparently left Monumentville sometime after 1886 as he was registered to vote there that year.
     William and Mary may have divorced, but no record has been found... and there is no tradition in the family that they had ever divorced.17,9,11

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