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Relationship9th great-grandmother of The 3 Tracys
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Birth - Marriage - Death

BrideSarah married Francis Griswold, son of Edward Griswold and Margaret, circa 1650 in Saybrook, New Haven Colony, New England. They were probably married in Saybrook as that is where the births of his four eldest children were recorded.
     There has been considerable confusion regarding the name of Francis' wife, the mother of his children. The article, "MAJOR WILLIAM BRADFORD'S SECOND WIFE: WAS SHE THE WIDOW OF FRANCIS GRISWOLD?," New England Historic Genalogical Register, says in reference to Francis Griswold, "The given name of his wife, who came with him from Saybrook, was Sarah. Her surname has not been ascertained. In spite of persistent claims to the contrary we do at least know that she was not the daughter of Thomas Tracy". Nor Mary the daughter of Stephen Tracy for that matter.
     There is clear, solid information that the wife of Francis Griswold of Norwich was named Sarah, not Mary. The New London County Court records from 17 Sep 1672 show overseers of the estate of Widow Sarah Griswold being appointed. The Griswold Foundation also supports the wife of Francis as being named Sarah.
     Caulkins says, "name of wife is unknown and not named in either Saybrook or Norwich". Jacobus says, "The name of his wife is unknown. The statement that he married Mary Tracy appears to have originated in "Fifty Puritan Ancestors," by E. T. Nash, 1902, but although often repeated since, no evidence has been adduced, and no Mary Tracy has been found who could have been his wife. Lieut. Thomas Tracy had no such daughter. Possibly the statement was due to a confusion of his wife with the daughter Mary Griswold who married a Tracy."1,2,3
WidowShe became a widow when her husband Francis died in October 1671; , the same month that his youngest child, Lydia, was born. His widow was left to care for seven youngsters aged from just days, for newborn Lydia, to 18 years.4,2

Children with Francis Griswold:

Sources - Citations

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